Holy Bible in C#.NET

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Description:   Holy Bible Projector project created in C#.NET.It has search options,and displaying in nice visual effects

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Laisiangthou - A Free Holy Bible Viewer "Laisiangthou" is a Paite word that means "Holy Book", a word that is used to refer to the Holy Bible. Its main aim is to provide a free and simple to use interface for viewing and reading the Holy Bible to all. King James VersionSynopsis ...

Maude .NET A port of Maude to Visual C++ .NET. Maude is a high-performance reflective language supporting equational and rewriting logic. Originally in C++ for Linux, this contains the Visual Studio project and patch code needed to compile Maude for .NET.

MSNP Helper API for .NET This is a helper API written in C# for .NET which allows other .NET applications to interface with and use the MSN Messenger system. It utilizes the published MSNP2 protocol.

PHP Bible Search This project aims to provide a PHP script that is capable of searching a MySQL version of the Holy Bible. It aims to be flexible in search types available, and thereby provide something very useful in finding texts in the Bible.

SudokuLib generator c# asp.net Sudoku library, generate and solve sudokus, Programmed in c# .net, to use with winform application and asp.net pages

Wiki C# .Net This is a C# .Net application that allow to have a wiki-like knowledge base. It creates text files for each new pages. Wiki-like desktop applicationSave to text filesSupport for Windows Mobile

C# .NET LOGGER Extensible .NET Logger written in C#, w/ advanced message queuing allowing for complete asynchronous use (it won\\\'t stop your code). Core system is in place with simple text logging. Looking to add circular logging, multiple file spanning, and db log

C#.NET del.icio.us API An API written in C# using the .NET 2.0 framework which allows developers to interact with the delicious (http://del.icio.us) social bookmarking service.

QuSystem C# .NET Library Provides an enhanced extension to the current .NET System namespace and sub namespaces. QuSystem provides many helper C# methods, properties and utility classes that will significantly reduce .NET development time and boost .NET application performance.

The Holy Bible Let the bible read to you with the all new Bible4PC program. This program allows you to read a full book of the bible in King James Version by using your current Text To Speech Program. Reads the full book in no timeUses your current ...

Holodeck B2B Holodeck B2B is software for B2B Messaging, based on the Oasis ebXML Messaging version 3 and AS4 Profile specifications. B2B MessagingebXML 3.0AS4

Holy J(2)EE Utils The purpose of this project is to provide to the public a set of tools and utilities that I've developed or will create to ease Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE, JEE) development, testing, prototyping, troubleshooting etc.So it deals with JSP,AS etc. Start testing your DB code ...

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